Steve L.

A (tasty) chip off the old block.Capitalizing on the success of its flagship restaurant and small fleet of taco trucks, Tacos El Bronco (44th St/4th Ave) in Sunset Park, Tacos El Bronco opened a second brick-and-mortar location a block away to serve up a stripped-down, truck-like option of fast meals. Whereas the flagship offered a full southern Mexican menu including soups, cocktails, and mole, the offshoot featured a more eat-on-the-go-friendly menu of tacos, burritos, tostadas, sandwiches, and the like.

One innovation was the introduction of hand-made corn tortillas, which were a substantial change from the standard. Yellower than the usual corn tortilla (which are still vailable), the hand-made tortillas are thicker (tacos are consequently single-wrapped), chewier, and have more of an earthy flavor. Definitely worth a try – wonder if these are now offered at the flagship?

A highlight, as usual, includes the signature pork al pastor. I would recommend, however, ordering al pastor later in the day, which would allow the pineapple more time to better soften and blend into the pork. Ordering at high noon yielded firmer, chewier pieces of pineapple that contrasted with the otherwise savory softness of the spit-roasted pork. Hand-made Mexican drinks (horchata, jamaica, etc) available in large-quantities. Otherwise, bottled drinks (no fountain machine). Limited seating; probably best to carry out